DIY Sharpie Mandala Bowl by Isoscella
DIY Sharpie Mandala Bowl by Isoscella
DIY Sharpie Mandala Bowl by Isoscella

Well hello again! This week I'm sharing with you this super quick and easy way to jazz up a plain old bowl. If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that I'm partial to doodling mandalas in my one sketch a day journal and so when I saw this bowl in Sainsbury's on sale for less than a pound I snapped it up and knew exactly what I wanted to do. I have no plans to use this bowl in the kitchen, it's just for decorative purposes, and so I used a copper sharpie and bit of clear varnish to seal it. I think this turned out pretty nicely and having done this a fair few months ago, am pleased that it's still going strong. If you fancy giving something similar a go, this is what I used and how I did it...

DIY Sharpie Mandala Bowl by Isoscella

1.  Clean the bowl with warm water and thoroughly dry.

2.  Grab your sharpie and starting on the base, draw a pattern to cover up any branding.

3.  Work your way outwards, and around this pattern, using simple lines and shapes.

4.  Repeat until you have gone down the sides of the bowl as far as you like and then go back to add in details to the shapes.

5.  Leave this to dry completely and then spray with sealer.

... and that's it!

DIY Sharpie Mandala Bowl

This is such an easy DIY, I'm pretty sure anyone could do this, and there's absolutely no need to stick to drawing mandalas; let your imagination and doodles run wild!