Done List February 2017 by Isoscella

If you caught my Done List May 2016 post, you'll know that in a bid to be a bit healthier and more mindful with my list writing, I've started a monthly 'Done List' sharing snippets of the past month. These snippets might simply be things that made me happy, things I've done, things I've made or things I've achieved.

So I'm posting this far later in the month that planned, not only because March has been particularly manic, but because I didn't feel like I had all that much to share from February. On reflection, I should probably be proud of the few things that I did actually manage to do, as work and my dissertation have pretty much taken over my life since Christmas. But, there's only a few weeks to go until my dissertation needs to be printed, bound and submitted, so after that I should have more time to have some fun! Anyway, here's what I got up to in February...

Done List February 2017 by Isoscella

1.  Feeling the love for copper against dusky pink and purple with this Valentine's DIY 

2.  Managing to squeeze in some daily doodles in my One Sketch a Day Journal

3.  Overcoming my fear of public speaking to do some teaching at a local uni

4.  Embracing pastel shades with this Spring-apt nail art DIY