1. 'Like you' card by DoodleLove

2. 'I love that you're as weird as me' card by BettieConfetti

3. 'Anti-social' card by Joanne Hawker

4. 'You complete me' card by Of Life & Lemons

5. 'Annoy the sh*t out of' card by JulieAnnArt

If you read my valentine's day DIY post earlier in the week, you'll know that me and my boyfriend don't really do valentine's day and consequently, don't get each other valentine's cards. If we did celebrate it though, I would definitely be getting him one of these wonderfully non-cheesy and hilarious greeting cards. I love cards like these; they just feel a touch more personal and real compared to the, what for me feels overly gushy, valentine's cards that you find in card shops. I especially love number 2 and 5 because they not only make me smile, but they're just so true.

What do you think of these cards?

Let me know in the comments below! :)